Child Care

Backup Child Care 

The University provides subsidized Emergency Backup Child Care for students and post-doctoral fellows at Penn. Emergency backup care is provided in your home or in a child care center during unexpected or emergency situations that would normally prevent you from completing academic work or training.

About Backup Child Care

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There are hundreds of child care options in the Philadelphia area and many daycare facilities are also preschools. The Family Center maintains a list of affiliated and local child care centers and schools. Families are encouraged to reach out to centers directly for information about services, enrollment, and tuition, the Family Center does not advise on those matters.

Penn operates a daycare and preschool facility on campus: The Penn Children's Center is located at 3160 Chestnut Street; be aware that there is a long waiting list to enroll.

The University maintains a list of all child care centers near campus.

Pennsylvania's Human Services Department provides an on-line child care provider search database to find providers throughout the state. In addition, Pennsylvania's Department of Education provides a helpful checklist when looking for a provider.

COVID-19 Update: 

Childcare centers such as KinderCare (10% discount for Penn families), and Bright Horizons, among others, are opening learning centers for school age children this fall. The YMCA announced support centers will be open 7am-6pm serving grades K-6 in many of their locations. Please see Additional Resources below for details. 

If you are looking for information not found on this page, please contact

Penn Children's Center
3160 Chestnut Street
(215) 898-5268

Bright Horizons at University City
3600 Civic Center Blvd
(267) 298-4400

The Caring Center
3010 Spring Garden Street
(215) 386-8245

The Parent-Infant Center
4205 Spruce Street
(215) 222-5480

Bright Horizons
1700 Benjamin Franklin Parkway
(215) 981-5450

Children's Community School
1212 S. 47th St 
(215) 724-1740

Families First Center
3939 Warren Street
(215) 382-2499

Infant Friendship Center
1001 South 45th Street
(215) 386-5097

Kindercare Learning Center
1700 Market Street
(215) 563-9499

Petite Ecole Bilingue
2133 Arch Street
(215) 568-1158

St. Mary's Nursery School
3916 Locust Walk
(215) 386-0321

St. Peter's School
319 Lombard St
(215) 925-3963 

Tenth Presbyterian Church Preschool
1701 Delancey Street
(215) 735-7688


Student Employment Sites

University of Pennsylvania
Bryn Mawr and Haverford Colleges
St. Joseph’s University
Swarthmore College
Temple University
Villanova University

*The University provides information about area options for your convenience and without particular endorsement or warranties. We welcome your feedback on any of the options listed on this page, or others that may not be listed. Please send your comments and suggestions to 

Low-Income families may qualify for Pennsylvania's "Child Care Works" Subsidized Child Care Program.

For more information about these programs and additional resources for Pennsylvania parents, check out the Child Care Information Services of Philadelphia website.

City of Philadelphia Access Centers, the City and community partners will open dozens of Access Centers to provide supervised, connected spaces where children in K-6th grades can participate in digital learning provided by their school. Access Center locations will include certain rec centers, libraries, and Philadelphia Housing Authority sites. 

YMCA, Y-Student Support Centers, for students in grade ​Kindergarten-6th grade.  These centers will be open from ​7 am-6 pm Monday through Friday.  The purpose of these centers is to provide a safe setting in which students can learn among their peers during the times their schools are in virtual learning. 

Penn Student Employment Website provides a resource for Penn parents to post caregiving positions for Penn students.

Komae is a cooperative childcare app, providing flexible care management options for parents. Use Komae to connect with co-workers for cooperative caregiving solutions.

Pupil Pod is a Philadelphia area start-up connecting you with online or in-person education for small pods of children (4-6 children).


Please note that Penn does not endorse these centers, caregivers, or resources, nor does the University screen any services or caregivers that may be available through these resources. You and your family should screen any childcare centers, caregivers, and facilities for your children thoroughly. These services are being included for reference in this communication as a convenience, for the consideration of our students and postdocs. You should take time to screen and determine whether any resource is appropriate for you and your family, and to ensure your child’s development and safety.