Grants for PhD Students with Families

The University has created two grant programs for PhD students to help offset the cost of childcare and family expenses, and health insurance for dependents.

2021-22 Academic Year and Fall 2021 Family Grant and Dependent Insurance Grants

Application Opens: August 23, 2021
Application Deadline: September 23, 2021 


Spring 2022 Family Grant and Dependent Insurance Grants

Application Opens: January 12, 2022
Application Deadline: February 11, 2022


For information on grants for Student Health Insurance or Dental Insurance Reimbursements, please go to: the Grad Center website.

The grants are funded by the Office of the Provost and administered by the Family Resource Center and the Office of Student Registration and Financial Services. For academic year 2021-2022, the grant program will have two application cycles to support students with qualifying life events to access grant funds after the Fall grant deadline. Funding for this grant is limited and grants will be disbursed as funding allows. Students who received Fall PhD Grants in 2021 should not apply for the Spring 2022 grant unless they have had a life event--new baby, marriage, change in funding/employment, or change in dependent insurance coverage. 

 2021-22 Academic Year and Fall 2021 Family Grant And Dependent Insurance Grant application is now closed. The Spring 2022 Grant application will open on January 12, 2022 and close February 11, 2022. 

No extensions or exceptions can be made for those who miss the deadline or do not meet eligibility criteria. 

*Please read the program details carefully as some changes have been made.*